I paid him £50 for the painting, but its true ______ must be at least £500. A.priceB.moneyC.valueD.i

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Ipaidhim£50forthepainting,butitstrue______mustbeatleast£500.A.pr... 查看全文

—Can you shoot that bird at the top of the tree?—No, it's out of ______.[ ]A. rangeB. reachC. contro

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据考题库专家权威分析,试题“—Canyoushootthatbirdatthetopofthetree?—No,it's..”主要考查你... 查看全文

The path in the park looked beautiful, _______ with_______leaves.A.covered;falling B.covered;fallen

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Thepathintheparklookedbeautiful,_______with_______leaves.A.covered;falli... 查看全文

Many people like to eat at a favorite restaurant on their birthday. 小题1: Here are the tips about how

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Manypeopleliketoeatatafavoriterestaurantontheirbirthday.小题1:Herear... 查看全文